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A Message from the Founder

All children are precious. They are symbols of promise and of the future. Every child deserves the fullest life possible, especially those that suffer from illness and disease. Using my technical expertise and first-hand knowledge from being the father of a sick child, it is my goal to create products that reduce stressful medical experiences in children’s lives.

Twenty years ago, my daughter was born with a terminal disease which ended her life before her third birthday. During her short life in the hospital, I became close to many parents of children suffering from various disabilities and diseases. We all supported each other throughout those long and difficult hours.

This experience inspired me to apply my technical knowledge where I believed it was most needed. Implementing the sensor technology I developed for control systems used in train station platforms for passenger safety, my first medical product, “Deliver My Heart”, was a communication device designed for patients who are unable to speak or even breathe by themselves. Patients could now deliver thoughts such as “I am in pain” or “I am thirsty” with just the blink of an eye or a slight lift of a finger, creating clear communication between the patients and their family.

Seeing the joy on patients’ faces when they were able to communicate motivated me to continue to design and produce more innovative products for children. My focus is now on developing products that are affordable, simple to use, and with a child-friendly appearance. It is my hope that I can offer a small sense of comfort to children and their families during some of their most difficult times.

Kieo Yamafuji, Founder & CEO

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