BabySmile Series

BabySmile Series include medical devices and healthcare products for babies. Our aim is to develop smart and unique products to support babies’ health. "BabySmile" means our wishes for health and happiness of babies all over the world.


Electric Nasal Aspirator
BabySmile S-502

BabySmile Portable  S-302

Kids Electric Toothbrush
Kids Electric Toothbrush BabySmile S-202 Kids Electric Toothbrush BabySmile for Baby S-203

Infrared Skin Thermometer BabySmile S-704 Non-Contact Thermometer BabySmile S-705

Nutritional Supplement for Children
Nutritional Support Drink for Children “Saika Jyuujitsu””

BabySmile Supplement for Kids Calcium + VitaminD BabySmile Supplement for Kids DHA

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