BabySmile Portable S-302 is an electric nasal aspirator that suctions the baby snivel quickly and softly. Electric power achieves stable and quick suction. Furthermore, its one-touch operation and light-weight body enable the mother to operate the product with one hand even when holding the baby in one arm. There is no risk of secondary infection because the mother does not have to suction snivel directly from the baby's nose and therefore very hygienic.

We strive to create the product design adapt to the mother’s sense and life with the baby.

BabySmile Portable S-302 won the 7th KIDS DESIGN AWARD JAPAN* for "Chairman’s Special Award (Designs to Comfortably Raise Children)."

* The mission of KIDS DESIGN AWARD JAPAN is to fulfill and spread design "devoted to children’s safety", "fostering children’s creativity and future" and "for giving birth to and rearing babies."

  •  · Snivel is aspirated just by touching the POWER button.
  •  · Easy to care by washing with water
  •  · Cordless type that can be easily operated with one hand
  •  · Includes a cap which makes it convenient to carry around
  •  · Soft silicone tips gentle on babies delicate nose
  •  · For babies over 3 month old

How to Use
  1. Before use, wash each part with reference to "Cleaning."
  2. Attach the Suction Cup and Silicon Tip to the main unit firmly.
  3. Turn the power on.
    (Push the POWER Button until you hear a click.)
  4. Put the Silicon Tip slightly in the nostril for 3 - 5 seconds to suction snivel.
  5. After use, push the POWER Button to turn the power off. Then, clean and dry the product with reference to "Cleaning."
    (After being dried, detach the Cap from the main unit.)


Firstly, clean the parts.
Detach the parts, such as the Cap, Silicon Tip and Suction Cup from the main unit.
Clean the Cap, Suction Cup, Suction Case, Silicon Tip and Rubber Seal under running water.

Next, clean the main unit.
お手入れFill a container with water. Dip the inlet and outlet on the tip of the main unit into water, and then press the POWER Button. After 5 - 10 seconds, turn the power off, and then take the main unit out of the water. Wipe the outside of the main unit with a cloth damp with water or mild detergent.

* Do not soak the main unit in water.
* Do not press the POWER Button before dipping the tip of the main unit into water. Otherwise, water may spew out from the outlet.

Allow the main unit and parts enough time to dry.


Please store the product as mentioned in the guidelines below. After storing it for long period of time, please make sure that it works safely.

  1. Do not store in direct sunlight, dust or high humidity.
  2. Remove the batteries if the product will not be used for a long period of time.
    Otherwise, the batteries may overheat or malfunction of the product may result.
  3. Keep the product away from fireproofing agent and dusty, salty or sulfureous air.
  4. Service life: 3 years.

■ How to Remove the Parts

1. Align the triangle mark on the Cap with the same mark on the main unit to remove the Cap. Then, pull out the Silicon Tip from the main unit.

2. Pull out the Suction Cup and Suction Case together from the main unit.

3.Turn the Suction Cup in the direction of the arrow until it stops, and then remove it from the main unit.

■ How to Assemble the Parts

1. Attach the Suction Case to the main unit. Make sure to confirm that the Rubber Seal is firmly attached to the Suction Case.

2. Align the convex part on the Suction Cup with the concave part on the Suction Case, and then, firmly insert the Cup to the Case.

3. Turn the Suction Cup in the direction of the arrow until it stops.

4. Align the triangle mark on the Cap with the same mark on the main unit to attach the Cap. Then, turn the Cap in the direction of the arrow until it stops.

■ Parts Names and Composition

■ Specifications
Power Source 2 x AA Alkaline batteries
Suction Pressure -60kPa±10% (Varies according to remaining battery power.)
Number of Uses Approx. 1,000 times by alkaline batteries (Average use time: 5 seconds / use)
Operation Condition +5 - +40℃, and below 80% RH
Transport and Maintenance Conditions -20 - +50℃, and below 90% RH
Size 200×42×42mm
Main Unit Weight 170g (Batteries excluded)
User Age 0 and above
EMC This product complies with EMC Specification, "IEC/EN 60601-1-2:2007".
Medical Device Certification Number 224ALBZX00034000
JAN Code 4580211770177
JMDN Code 36616030

■ Symbols
BF形装着部 Type BF Applied Part The degree of safety against electric shock is classified as Type BF Applied Part. The product satisfies the requirements specified in the IEC 60601-1 standard. Read this (Operation Manual) and the attached document carefully for proper uses of the product.
EMC適合 EMC Compliance This product complies with EMC Specification, "IEC/EN 60601-1-2:2007". Combined use of other medical or electronic devices may affect each function. Read this (Operation Manual) and the attached document carefully for proper installation and use of the product.

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