MerciCare Medical Calendula

“If I could, I'd be sick instead of you.”
This message by an employee to her child who was scratching the skin, was the beginning of everything. We started our skincare research to relieve eczema and atopic dermatitis on babies even just a little bit and help mothers who are also having a hard time.

We walked around Japan and abroad to find ingredients that we think “this is it” and repeated the process of creating prototypes and testing. The answer we arrived at after thinking through babies’ skin was the Medical Calendula.
*The medicated products are milk and cream only.

3 Steps to Normalize Your Troubled Skin
Step.1 MerciCare Calendula Water

Penetrates thoroughly to the dry and rough skin and deliver firm moisture to the every corner of the stratum corneum. It is excellent in water retention. By applying it at the beginning of your skin care regime, it makes your skin familiar to the milk and cream which you will be applying afterwards.

楽天    アマゾン

Step.2 MerciCare Medical Calendula Milk (Quasi-drug)

It is an emulsion with a well-balanced combination of moisture and oil. It also contains moisturising ingredients of ceramide and hyaluronic acid, which are excellent in retaining moisture. Firmly stores moisture in the stratum corneum. Prevents dry and rough skin and keeps your skin moist.

楽天    アマゾン入

Step.3 MerciCare Medical Calendula Cream (Quasi-drug)

This product is for people with sensitive skin and it contains 11 types of plant extract and moisturising ingredients. It is a moisture cream with a thick texture that spreads smoothly over the skin. It covers the skin with a comfortable layer that traps moisture within and protects the skin from external stimulation.

楽天    アマゾン

MerciCare Bottom Care Spray

It is an easy-to-use mist-type toner spray for babies’ bottoms. Since it is a spray, your baby will not dislike it and you can use it without making your hand dirty. A calendula mist with anti-inflammatory effect prevents baby's diaper rash.

楽天    アマゾン

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