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MamaTouchPit S-702


MamaTouchPit is a non-contact thermometer using forehead.
You can monitor temperature quickly just by putting it above your baby's temple just in a second!

 · Just by touching the START button, you can monitor your baby's temperature just in a second.
 · You can switch between two modes, Thermometer and Temperature Indicator.
 · LED Backlit Monitor.
 · Eco-Friendly Auto-OFF Function.
 · Memory Function.
 · For All Ages.

■ Specifications
Product Name MamaTouchPit S-702
General Name Skin Infrared Thermometer
Classification Controlled medical devices (Class 2)
Power Source Two Alkaline AAA batteries
Appliance Classes Type BF Applied Part
Battery Life Approx. 3,000 times of consequtive measurement, or one year if measuring once or twice a day (including the standby mode)
Measurement Site Skin Surface
Measurement Method Infrared temperature measurement
Measurement Range Body Temperature Mode: 34.0 - 42.2℃
Object Temperature Mode: 0 - 99.9℃
Maximum Tolerance Body Temperature Mode: ±0.3℃(34.0 - 42.2℃)
Object Temperature Mode: ±1℃(0 - 99.9℃)
Measurement Error Display "Hi" is displayed when the measured temperature is over 42.2℃ in the Body Temperature Mode or over 99.9℃ in the Object Temperature Mode.
"Lo" is displayed when the measured temperature is under 34℃ in the Body Temperature Mode or under 0℃ in the Object Temperature Mode.
Display 3-Digit digital display
Minimum Display Unit 0.1℃
Operation Temperature and Humidity Body Temperature Mode: 15 - 40℃, and below 95%RH (Non condensing)
Object Temperature Mode: 10 - 40℃, and below 95%RH (Non condensing)
Storage Temperature and Humidity -25 - 55℃, and below 95%RH (Non condensing)
Main Unit Weight Approx. 67 g (Batteries excluded)
Size L 145 x W 39.5 x H 40 (mm)
Accessories Two AAA alkali cells, Case, Operation Manual (Warranty Card attached), Product Insert
Medical Device Certification Number 226ALBZX00020000
JANCode 4580211770160
JMDNCode 17888000
Number of Temperature Check Records 9